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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Say No to Guilt

We have learned how to mistrust our bodies because so many experts saw fit to give us advice, as if they knew what was better for us than we did.

We rejected our body wisdom for the latest New York Times Bestseller on how to be thin.

There is nothing sexy about tuning into your hunger and satiety cues.

I know it's scary for people to grasp, particularly in the beginning. The thought is, 'if I let go of all my food rules, I'll be out of control. I'll eat junk food all day, every day.' 

This is why it's CRUCIAL to legalize ALL foods, putting them on a level playing field. 

Food is neither good nor bad. 

It's all FOOD.

Ultimately, I believe we are meant to eat what feels good in our bodies.

We are meant to innately know what those foods are when we pay attention.

But, in order to do this, we MUST let go of the guilt.

How does guilt make you feel? Has anyone ever ENJOYED feeling guilty???

If you never let go of the guilt surrounding food, HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHAT FOODS FEEL GOOD TO YOUR BODY????

Make the peace.
Eat the food.
Ditch the guilt.

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