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Friday, May 8, 2015

Eyes On Your Own...

In the course of my daily life, I often hear people talk negatively about food or their bodies It may be statements such as:

"I really have to drop about 10 lbs. My thighs are getting HUGE."

"Oh, I could never eat pasta. I couldn't be THAT bad."

"Can you believe what she's eating? No wonder she has a weight problem!"

Considering my history of body dysmorphia, chronic dieting, disordered eating and excessive exercising, you can imagine how I feel when I hear women (or sometimes even men) say these kind of things. It takes a little mindfulness and a whole lot of restraint, but the best response to comments like these is: nothing.

See, these are things I "overhear". They are not said directly TO ME. None of these people have asked for my advice or opinion. So, I do my best to stay silent. Yes, it's hard. But, I really believe it's the best thing to do.

There can be nothing more obnoxious than a reformed "something or other". This person had the habit, the weight problem, the "whatever" and was able to overcome it. Good for them. No, seriously, good for them. But, they have such CONTEMPT for the behavior, body or habit that they left behind. They never accepted themselves for having been the way they were, which is why they regard other people with that same contempt. It's easy to put on an air of moral superiority when you can't possibly understand why they can't just "get over it" -- how someone can possibly respect themselves for being "less than" when you couldn't.

But, hear this: IT IS NOT HELPFUL.

The world would be a much better place if we tended to our own gardens instead of hopping the fence and plucking our neighbor's weeds.

Think about it.

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