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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Balance and Normalcy

Hello, Tuesday.  Welcome back to normalcy.

Not only was this a holiday weekend, but, for me, it was also our wedding anniversary yesterday.

We had a GREAT day.

My husband and I went to a wonderful restaurant in Newburyport, MA with a great view of the water. I sipped wine while we dined on calamari for an appetizer followed by lobster pie for me and a lobster roll for him. 

After lunch, we walked around the downtown area (which is so quaint) to check out the sights. There was a lot to see, both people, and vendors, since it was a holiday.

We got home around 4 pm and opened a bottle of champagne to toast each other to 14 years of marriage. Our day was topped off by frozen yogurt sundaes for dinner.

I will say it again: it was a GREAT day!

So, now it's back to "normalcy". What does that mean for me these days? Well, it no longer means "atoning for the sins of the weekend" by restricting my food intake and doubling up on exercise. It means listening to my body and honoring my hunger and fullness cues as best I can. You see, nothing is off limits for me anymore. Nothing is forbidden, so I choose what I want, enjoy some or most of it (I rarely finish a full portion of anything since making peace with food), and I move the hell on.

Think about Christmas for a second. There is such a huge build up to this holiday every year, isn't there? For about a month before, there are holiday songs on the radio, decorations, parties, holiday themed beverages and rich foods to enjoy with friends and family. There is a huge build up that culminates into a fun and festive day.

Now, imagine if every day was Christmas. Yeah, that's right, you heard me -- pretend every day was a holiday. Do you think it would hold the same magic and meaning if it was the norm instead of the exception?
The point of that analogy is simply this: all food can be good food and all food can be enjoyed no matter what day it is. If nothing is ever demonized, deliberately withheld or off limits, then you can choose more intuitively based on what your body is asking you for. I'll tell you this much: mine doesn't ask me for champagne in the afternoon or frozen yogurt sundaes for dinner every day. I used to worry it would back then because I had such an "all or nothing mindset". I bounced between the extremes of restriction and binging. Once I let go of the food rules and the diet mentality, I found my balance.

Learn how to eat with your heart and not your head. Decide your body can be trusted. Stop fighting your appetite and let everything be on the table. Be flexible with yourself. It's a practice. We don't need to make it a "perfect".

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