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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Get Angry!

Do you want to stop feeling powerless around body, food and weight?

Here's a tip: GET ANGRY

Get angry at the diet industry who insists on telling you that you can't trust yourself.

Get angry that you bought into the lie that you need an external source to tell you when, what and how much to eat.

Get angry that the media doctors up pictures of women and then uses this as an insinuation that all of us should conform to it.

Get angry at the lies you've been told.

Get angry that our beloved sisters pick themselves apart over a few pounds.

Get angry that the number on a clothing tag holds so much significance.

Get angry that we care more about back fat and muffintops than we do about the depth of our soul and character.

Get angry that you are slaving away in a gym for two hours instead of going for a walk in nature with a dear friend, having a heart to heart talk.

Get angry. I did. In fact, I was FURIOUS!!!

So, yes, be angry. You deserve to feel that righteous indignation.

And then, get over it. Move forward in love and peace. Life is too short to be in bondage.

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