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Monday, March 7, 2011



I ran my first 18 miler of the marathon training cycle yesterday in the rain and wind.  Check out da stats:

And I am no worse for the wear.  Well, except for this:

Pretty sweet, eh? 

Normally, I slather body glide or vaseline on my toes to avoid such things.  This time, I elected to be footloose (pun intended) and fancy free.  So, I guess you could say I brought it on myself.

Maybe, instead of taking donations for the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation, I should fundraise for a pedicure.  If they can have charities such as "Save the Whales", why not "Save Cyndi's Toenails"?

Truthfully, it didn't really hurt.  In fact, I didn't even notice it until I started my cool-down walk and noticed the telltale red splotch on my brand new Saucony Ride Running Shoes.  I think I was more bothered about staining the new kicks than I was ripping my toe open.  Thankfully, Dawn Dishwashing Detergent not only gets grease out of your way, but it does the same for bloodstains on shoes too.

Even the hot water from the shower didn't sting.  I must be getting tougher.  After surveying the damage, I decided that clipping the toenails were probably in order.  In the process, the toenail to the left of the bloody one just came right off.  All in one neat, little piece.

Am I grossing you out?

I never had aspirations to be a foot model, so I'm not worried.  And, as long as my feet do what they are supposed to, which is run for a REALLY long time, that's all that matters.

Besides, I've always said toenails are for sissies.

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