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Friday, August 21, 2015

Revering Weight Loss...At All Costs?

When I was fully entrenched in the "dysfunctional dieting mentality", I remember revering the occurrence of weight loss, no matter what the circumstances surrounding it happened to be. For example, I had the flu one time. I was sick for about four days. But, guess what? THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE WENT DOWN. I actually welcomed the sickness because it made me lighter. It was worth puking my guts out because WEIGHT LOSS.

Imagine that?

I ran into someone over the weekend that I haven't seen in a while. I immediately noticed she looked smaller, but kept that to myself because I've been working on not commenting on people's appearance. After a while, she called attention to it by saying that she lost 30 lbs. I told her that I thought she was beautiful at any size and my only question was, "Are you OK?" She replied that it was family stress that caused the weight loss. (In addition, she also has an auto immune disease.)

Do you see anything at all wrong with these two scenarios that I described?

We would rather be SICK and STRESSED if it means we can be SKINNY. That is not healthy. That is DISORDERED. That is the caustic effect of our culture relentlessly bombarding us with images and messages about our bodies being unacceptable.

Our bodies are not unacceptable.

We are not unacceptable.

But the pressure to be someone that we are not and the idea that weight loss is healthy no matter the method is.

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