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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wanted: Boston Marathon Finishers/Spectators/Volunteers With Really Good Stories

My blog is pretty promiscuous; that is to say, it gets around.

And that is a good thing, particularly when someone needs to get the word out about something important.  Friends of mine who are involved with the Danvers 5K Fun Run and Wicked Running Club told me about a man who was getting ready to write a book.  After swapping some emails back and forth, I offered to give him a plug:

"My name is Joel Richardson and you can reach me at  I am writing a book on the Boston Marathon from the perspective of those who have experienced it firsthand, especially runners, but also possibly officials and even spectators.  If you have an anecdote or story you would like to tell, please contact me and either send it along or we can do an interview, either online or by phone.  Thanks!"

Would you like to share YOUR story???  Come on now, who doesn't want their 15 minutes of fame???

Drop Joel a line.  Tell him Cyndi Lou sent you.  :-)

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