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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The "importance" of appearance

There is so much emphasis placed on physical appearance. We are constantly bombarded with ways to lose that last 10 lbs, fight lines and wrinkles, or find the perfect push up bra. The message is clear: you aren't okay the way you are and if you notice how happy the models/spokespeople who sell these products are, you'll buy, in the hopes of making your life better.

But, will it really? Do we need to do any of that to live a good life?

I thought about this relative to my own experience on this planet so far. I realized there were things that I have been able to accomplish that had absolutely nothing to do with "looking" a certain way:

-- I won a spelling bee in the 5th grade
-- I qualified for the Boston Marathon twice without six pack abs
-- I am a college graduate (pretty sure my mind can take the credit)

Listing these things isn't a way to toot my own horn. It serves as evidence that I didn't need to look any differently than I already do in order to be happy and do pretty awesome things.

A wise person once said, "your body is an INSTRUMENT, not an ORNAMENT."

You were born complete. No diets, creams or shape wear necessary. Focus on what you can DO and who you ARE. That's really where the action is.

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