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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Beep

Before I go into my combo "ramble/rant", I'll share with you the links from my last three runs:

Now over 2.5 months into my Low Heart Rate Training Experiment, the goal being to stay around or below 146 bpm, I'm starting to notice a significant difference.  My HR is lower and my pace is faster, most of the time, which was the whole point of doing this in the first place.  I'm encouraged.

That's all I'll say in that regard, letting the data provided speak for itself.

Now, back to our story.

The first link I shared with you was from my Friday run.  In Massachusetts, we experienced unseasonable warmth that day, with temps hovering in the upper 60's.  Talk about giving winter a good ol' kick in the keester. 

Buh Bye, Old Man Winter.  Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

There was one caveat; we had winds gusting in excess of 35-45 mph.  So, I got to run in shorts and a tank top, which was AWESOME, while getting pelted by the occasional acorn or branch flying off a tree.

Not as awesome.  But, overall, it really was a great day and felt good to be out.

As I walked it in, enjoying my cool-down, I hear the sound of a horn beeping.  I did have headphones on, but I usually keep the music low enough so I can hear what's going on around me. 

This car didn't beep once. 
Or twice. 
Try three times.  Yeah.

I was pretty sure it was someone trying to get my attention (I had run from work and was making my way back to the fitness center, walking up the steps) after the first and second beep, but was completely convinced by the third.  I'm a pretty easygoing person most of the time, however, I've never appreciated "the beep shoutout" when I'm out running.  Granted, I was walking it in at this point, but I was still focused on my breathing, heart rate and movement.  I don't enjoy "the beep".  It ranks right up there with the catcalls and whistles that I've occasionally received from randy male motorists in the dead heat of summer when I'm out running in the most minimal amount of clothing allowed that won't get me arrested for indecent exposure.

Why am I bringing this all up now?

Today, I'm at my post (the front desk at the fitness center) and one of our members comes in, who I've known for a while.  We exchange pleasantries and he says, "boy, are you in your own little world when you're running."  I said, "what makes you say that?" 

At this point, he tells me that he was the one who kept beeping at me and I didn't even notice or hear it.


I explained to this gentleman that, yes, I DID in fact both notice and hear it, but I don't enjoy "the beep" because my run is my time and it disrupts my focus (not to mention that half the time it scares the crap outta me).  He sort of "half apologized", which I waved off, letting him know that it was no big deal but, for future reference, refraining from "the beep" would be ever so nice because I'll just ignore you anyway.

Don't get me wrong, here.  I am a pretty friendly person who enjoys the company of others.  If I run into someone I know at a restaurant or in a grocery store, I have no problem stopping to chat for a few moments.  That's different.

That's not "the beep".

So, if you're driving down the road and happen to see me coming with my sunglasses on and bouncing blonde ponytail, do me a favor. 

Just drive on by.

You can give me a little wave.  Maybe I'll see you and wave back.  Maybe I won't.

But, for the love of Pete, please refrain from "The Beep".

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  1. Beeping is just something else to ignore while running like run forest run comments and zigg zagging pedestrians on cell phones